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  • Consulting Services

    Developed from proof-of-concept testing in our solution centers and backed by real-world experience in supporting a wide range of customer implementations, our proven approach helps you understand the implications of new technologies, assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement, design a customized plan to address your organization’s specific needs and implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive

  • Applications Development

    eBridge develops high-quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage.We use agile methods to build quality business applications for standard technology platforms like Microsoft® .NET, Java, PHP and open source applications. Our tools, processes and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development.

  • Enterprise Hosting & Virtualization

    eBridge provides reliable hosting for databases, content management systems, Microsoft applications, Oracle Primavera and IBM Maximo. Each of our DBAs, engineers, and system experts specializes in one database type, so we know each of the major database engines in depth: Microsoft® SQL Server® (including SQL Server 2012), MySQL®, and Oracle®. From answering installation questions to creating advanced configurations, we can help.

  • Project Management

    As a consulting and technology company, we have embraced principles of ITIL Service Management; the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI); and the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK); to ensure that we are adopting global best practices in our core competencies.
    To ensure that this is the case, we understands that the operation of the underlying network infrastructure is as important to project success, as the right design and effective change management.

  • Bridging the Gap

    Since our inception in 2006, our vision as a technology leader and trusted advisor is to bridge the gap between technology and the people who use it, and have a positive impact on all those we engage with.

    For more information call 703-688-2262 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

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Products & Services

eBridge is the trusted IT solutions provider that serves as a top integrator for many of the best-of-breed technologies and a consulting partners committed to helping you select and implement the best solution at the best possible value. Contact us by calling 1-800-289-6027 or emailing [email protected]

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IT Consulting Services

eBridge team with IT and business leaders to plan and deploy IT for the most value, helping them set the technology agenda and position the IT organization and the business for the future. Learn about our multi-phased approach to creating an agile infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective and minimally disruptive to ongoing business operations.


Applications Development

eBridge offers a variety of software application development services centered around our deep technical expertise and designed to get your critical database applications on the right path, solve immediate problems, and help your business grow and become more efficient.The perfect blend of whitespace and splashes of contrasting color create a smorgasbord of possibilities for giving your site the look and feel you are after.


  • IT Consulting Services
  • Applications Development
  • Information Security

Our consultants will start with an educational overview of the technology options available and appropriate for your business requirements and goals.


Many businesses and organizations need a customized application to get the maximum efficiency from their technology and human capital. Our software experts know all of the latest technologies and platforms and how well they’ll integrate with your existing environment.


Thanks to revolutionary software from vendors like VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix and others, your datacenter can be transformed into an efficient, eco-friendly and more versatile machine. Deployment and recovery have never been this easy.

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Recent Projects

Learn about our latest projects and applications.

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Our Partnerships

We partner with leading technology companies to provide IT support, IT consulting & technical support services






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Learn more about our various options and what works for you. We offer a wide range of products and membership plans, custom tailored to your needs. Browse our selection of products to find the perfect one for your project:.

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