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eBridge is now a certified Citrix Partner

"We are now able to provide a powerful cloud solution that will accelerate our customers’ workforce mobility"


November 11 2014: eBridge announced today a multi-phase partnership with Citrix that will bring together leading mobility solutions and Enterprise Cloud capabilities. In response to a strong market demand, eBridge and Citrix will combine and deliver validated solutions that enable a balance between work and life, providing end users with a seamless transition from anywhere on any device.

The Citrix Partnership is about showcasing proven solutions like those from eBridge IT Solutions, as they were built on a reliable platform, and will enable customers to positively affect their businesses. The eBridge founders are excited to demonstrate their unique IT capabilities within their Citrix Partnership, where they can validate how they can effectively enhance IT solutions.

Citrix and eBridge has remained the same over the years, inspiring what we do, what we say, and the technology solutions we deliver to our customers. eBridge is excited to announce their official Citrix partnership as a new Citrix Solution Advisor. This high level of certification under the Citrix Network demonstrates their high level of expertise and client satisfaction. eBridge IT Solutions is now encouraging their existing and new clients to visit their website, take advantage of their effective IT solutions, and experience the benefits of their new Citrix Partnership. To learn more information about eBridge IT Solutions, Citrix, and their upcoming partnership, inviduals are encouraged to visit the eBridge IT Solutions website directly.  

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